I just heard from my mom.

She told me that my cousin/brother has joined a dance club or something like that at his school.
Cool huh? Good for him.

I have a feeling that he can be something cool few years later. I mean with such an opportunity, why shouldn't he?

Sometimes I wonder, will I ever be somebody. I have lost my younger days. Now I just feel so spoilt and damage. If I were a non-living object, I would be in the trash.

To all my readers, it sucks not to have a father and siblings! A father to teach something that most guys are able to do - play music instruments. Siblings to keep you company. These 2 things can build up your communication skills. I am nobody. Mr. Cannot-talk-so-much because I have nothing in my head to share with anyone. Unable to really voice out my thoughts. I was always being trash around when I tried to have fun on the net when I was 13. When I went outdoor, all I could think of is to swing my bokken around and break everything that is in my sight.

I don't seem to be able to fit the community. I have been pretending to be somebody I'm not in RP just to fit the community. But I still felt left out. I understand Jason's feeling of being lonely. If I had not tried to change in year 1 sem 1, I am sure I would already be like him by now. The only thing different is that he likes to whine.

I understand Kyro's friend whom she said everyone is avoiding her. I can feel her loneliness and she is trying hard to walk around with friends.

From my observation, when someone is having certain disabilities or different character from the crowd, they are the ones that will be ostracise. It's logical. That is the reason why I tried to change my way.


Because IF being yourself is making others avoiding you, then the complete sentence of that phrase would be, "Just be yourself and suffer for the rest of your life"